DEDUCSA (D. DUCLIAS CONSULTOR, S.A.) was incorporated in Panama in 1996, as a supply company of fuel and oil byproducts, operating within the Panama Petroleum Oil Free Zone, with Operation Permit in the capacity of User of Atlantic Pacific, S.A. (APSA) before the General Bureau of Hydrocarbons (DGH). Our company operates under the management of Demetrio Duclias C., who has vast and verified experience in the marine fuels and domestic markets of more than 30 years within the oil enterprise connection of companies such as ESSO Marine Supply Co. Ltd., Bunkers & Shipping Agency Co. and recently, for 12 years since 1992 thru 2004, the management and direction of COASTAL Energy of Panama Inc., one of the largest and renown oil companies at worldwide level.

The great development in changes of the XXI Century in the Hydrocarbons field led Panama to evolve in the free local and international market, in the supply of oil and its byproducts, as a gathering and distribution center. Being the Panama Canal and obligated passage for worldwide commerce, structural and organizational conditions have been created for the liberation of market, thus attracting local and foreign investment.

Our operation premises are strategically located in the Panama canal area, in the Pacific side with our own offices, and in the Atlantic side, with offices within the terminals of APSA; carrying out activities such as bunker fuels supplies to vessels transiting the Panama Canal, logistics, receipts and delivery of marine fuels, analyzing operations and establishing general policies and procedures, general management and administration, attention to customers, handling of complex supply contracts in the Panama Canal area and in Generation Plants of Electric Energy, marketing, purchase, receipt and control of profit and losses of marine fuels in leased tanks for storage, sale of oil byproducts goods, mixing, preparation and dispatch of product by pipelines, barges and tank trucks, implementing control, supervision and inspection systems along the process, that is to say, as of the time of its purchase until its final delivery, deliveries and inventory control, internal and governmental reports and implementation of international rules, guaranteeing our customers total quality of our service.

Within our organization we have a capable staff structure of vast experience and dedication in the divisions of the General Manager, Assistant Manager, Administrative Assistant, Marketing Assistant, Operations Supervisor and Marine Representatives at both ports, Balboa and Cristobal, all capable of offering and assuring our customers the highest quality service.




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